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For International applicants

The SPbMSI is one of the standart Russian medical schools. Now we use the original medical educational program and effective methods of foreign students training. Medicine and taking care of people’s health is the sacred and the most humane profession in the world and the ideal way for clever, kind, warm-hearted and smart young people to enter. The MSI could be starting point for your new beginning even though it’s very challenging profession, prestigious career of a medical doctor is everyone’s dream. You are kindly welcome to join our SPbMSI.

SPbMSI Rektor, professor B. I. Shulutko, MD.


General information

Saint-Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russian Federation and is one of the largest and most beautiful cities of the world. Many palaces, museums, cultural and educational centers are located in Saint-Petersburg. One of these centers is Saint-Petersburg Medico-Social Institute (SPb MSI). SPb MSI was established in 2004 as a Higher Medical School for Russian and foreign students.

SPB MSI is included in the official list of Higher Medical schools of Russian Federation with governmental registration №1047855032631 issued by Justice Ministry of Russia. Permanent License for medical education №001887, reg. №1806 dated 07.09.2011

Training of foreign students is being conducted since 2010.
Training of students in English medium is being conducted since 01.09.2014.

President of SPb MSI is professor Boris I. Shulutko, MD,PhD, D.sci.
Rector of SPb MSI is professor Sergey B. Maltsev, MD,PhD.
Vice-rector is professor Svetlana V. Makarenko, MD, PhD.


Programs offered are:

1. Graduate course “General Medicine”, qualification «Doctor of medicine» (MD), duration 6 years.
Languages of instruction are:

2. Postgraduates’ courses (specialization) only in Russian language, duration 2-3 years.

Tuition fee (foreign students)

1* course:

Preparatory course, 2d semester (February – June):

Educational process

In the study plan for English medium for 2015-2016 study year all the lectures, seminars, small group discussions and exams are conducted in English.

At the same time for those Russian students who follow English-medium, in study plan of 1-3 study years “Medical English” is included as compulsory subject.

For foreign English-medium students «Colloquial and Medical Russian» is part of 1-3 study years.

Teaching staff of SPb MSI consist of the professors with long-term experience in Russian and English media of education in leading Saint-Petersburg and overseas Medical schools.

Academic year structure

Postgraduate courses

Facilities for educational process

Students’ accommodation

Saint-Petersburg is the safe city with friendly and helpful population. Foreign students and students from other towns live in comfortable hostels, located close to the

subway and transportation stops.

The hostels provide all the necessary conveniences for study and relaxation. Rooms are equipped with furniture, bedding, central heating, electric or gas supplied kitchen for meals cooking.

Hostel fee is in the range 3 500 – 13 000 rubles per month.

Students’ medical care

Upon arrival and signing the «Agreement» for education, student must buy medical insurance, covering certain types of health problems.

Cost of 1 year medical insurance certificate is about 5000 rubles.

Admission requirements

Admission procedure

1. Applicant sends on e-mail: iurkova@medinstitut.org. until not later than 1st of July the following papers:

2. After positive decision of MSI Admission committee, the Admission letter will be sent to the applicant and the invitation obtaining procedure will be started (in case visa is needed)

3. After getting the invitation applicant obtains study visa to Russia, buys the ticket to Saint-Petersburg and informs MSI about the arrival date

4. After arrival to MSI applicant must pass Entry tests in MSI and submit:

5. After signing the Contract, paying tuition fee and obtaining Medical insurance applicant undergoes enrollment procedure

International activity

International activity SPBMSI participates in the international educational projects with organizations of Euro Union countries such as: Norway, Sweden, Finland, also Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Teaching staff is trained at the University centers of Sweden.